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Interim Process Technologist

Interim Process Technologist

Calling all Process Technologist’s!! We have an interim role that may be your ticket to employment for the next few months!

Are you looking for a role working with fresh foods, where you can innovate current processes to help the business stay competitive and their products the most inventive on retailers’ shelves.

Interim Process Technologist

3+ Month Contract


  • To organise and carry out the necessary factory trials and to analyse current processes with a view to making efficiency improvements. Evaluating process improvements including recipe changes and manufacturing equipment.
  • To manage and oversee factory trials in all areas of the factory as determined by the critical path of new product launches and also internal priorities.
  • Support the centralised NPD team with concept, as well as offering support to the NPD manager
  • Responsible for assisting in all development trials in line with the customer’s critical path and all internal projects.
  • Completion of product files for all new products.
  • Participation in trials of new equipment with operations team in order to ensure product standards are maintained. To include commissioning of new equipment where appropriate.

If this sounds like it fits your experience and ambitions moving forward, please do get in contact with Jordan to discuss the opportunity further.

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