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You’ve come to the right place.  Whether you’re looking for an interim manager, a permanent addition to your team or simply to chat through the options we’ll do what we can to make that process as pain free as we can.


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Interim Recruitment

We believe that providing you with an interim manager is more than simply placing a candidate.

That is just the first step – our relationship should be cemented throughout the assignment in order to ensure you are getting the results you expect.

The AIM Four Step Plan for success:

  • Working with you to develop a realistic assignment brief
  • Utilising our personal experience to find you the best interim match for your brief both in terms of capability and culture
  • Recommending the two, at most three, most suitable candidates for your business
  • Maintaining contact with you and the interim throughout the assignment to monitor progress and discuss how to enhance results

Ultimately your long-term satisfaction is key to our success and we are committed to delivering a consistently high service throughout our relationship.

Permanent Recruitment

We specialise in providing recruitment solutions to the food and drink industry.

One of our main strengths is practical hands-on know-how of the food industry which provides us with a real understanding of the issues encountered running a food business, clients’ expectations and the value-adding qualities possessed by candidates.

Recognising that people are the biggest single factor in any business’ success we are dedicated to applying that industry knowledge to find the right candidate whose skills, experience and personality meet agreed objectives ensuring successful integration and long term satisfaction in respect of every role we fill.

Steps we take in filling a role:

  • Developing a brief in consultation with client; there is more to finding the right candidate than ticking the job spec, understanding company culture is crucial.
  • Through search and selection, advertising and recommendations we compile a pool of candidates whose CVs demonstrate capability to fulfil the role.
  • Pre-screening prospective candidates to assess their suitability for the role against the brief outlined by the client.
  • Offer our final shortlist of candidates to the client.
  • Arranging interviews, liaising with candidates and obtaining references.

Please provide details below if you would like us to contact you and discuss how AIM Recruitment can benefit your business.

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