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We know, you’ve heard it all before, the same old same old: we’re great, use us, extensive databases … blah, blah, blah.  And just before you switch off you’re last thought on the subject may well be “whatever, recruitment is recruitment, right?”.


Anyone who spends long enough trawling a database and ‘pings’ enough CVs off will eventually make a placement. They’ll consider that to be “recruitment”.

On the receiving end as a candidate you will be bewildered why you are apparently “suitable” for such a wide variety of jobs nobody has thought to discuss with you – being local and available doesn’t mean appropriate.

On the receiving end as a client you will invariably be left feeling you could have done as good a job, if not better, yourself without having to engage with the irritating so-and-so passing off the CVs as a job well done.  That’s not recruitment as we recognise it.

We believe “recruitment” means US finding the right person for the right job.  Occasionally that’s all we’ll present a client with, the one person they’ll want to hire, but more often than not we’ll provide a choice of up to three candidates who for different reasons that we can substantiate through knowledge of the candidate, their ethos and character would meet expectations.

How do we do it?  The team are all trained in food industry know-how by Alan Donaldson, MD.  With first-hand experience as both a hiring manager and interim manager Alan is in a unique position to understand exactly what it takes to deliver a mutually successful placement and he has instilled this within the team.

As the golfing great Gary Player said “the more I practice the luckier I get” – it’s not through luck when AIM consultants find themselves with multiple job offers being made and roles created to accommodate shortlisted candidates. When clients can’t bring themselves to turn away such a good match you know that’s a job well done and that makes us feel as great as it makes you feel!

So, does it work?  Yes it does.  AIM has gone from strength to strength over the last 12 years developing an excellent network of contacts, repeat business and personal recommendations from clients and candidates alike.   If you’re not amongst those who’ve tried and tested this breath of fresh air in the stale world of recruitment maybe now’s the time to do so.

Get in touch and try AIM Recruitment for yourself.

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Vision and Values

Our Purpose

To put AIM at the heart of Food Recruitment in the UK.

Our Vision

To make AIM a sustainable growing business and the top food recruitment agency in the UK.

Our Strategy

Accelerating growth and unlocking the full potential of business by:

– Boosting and harnessing the power of the AIM brand
– Bringing innovation to everything we do
– Operating with excellence in all we do
– Maximising the potential of all our people
– Talent acquisition of exceptional people

Our Values

Teamwork – We encourage individual ownership but work as a team sharing good practice in pursuit of shared goals.

Quality  – We build on success, learn from mistakes and develop ideas, innovation and practices that will help us improve and lead our market.

Excellence – We strive for excellence in all that we do; meeting customer expectations, delivering industry-leading services and acting as a willing and constructive partner.

Customer Focus  – We place our clients and candidates at the heart of our business looking after their interests as though they were our own.

People – We develop talent, reward exceptional performance and treat everyone with respect, fairness and courtesy.

Building on our industry experience we AIM to form recruitment partnerships with key clients providing exceptional professional managers across a range of disciplines who will deliver real value for money.

– Alan Donaldson, MD

Our History


AIM Interims

Established position in the market place as providers of high calibre interim managers exclusively to the food industry


AIM Executives

Expanded to include permanent recruitment branch


AIM Consultants

Added a lean manufacturing cost reduction consultancy branch



AIM Recruitment


New Brand, New Website!


Our Approach

  • We realise that what really matters is matching a candidate who meets the role requirements with you. An in depth vacancy qualification process enables us to full understand your true requirements behind the job spec.
  • Without any fanfare headhunting is an integral part of the AIM recruitment process; not a last resort. We appreciate our clients want to see new faces in the recruitment process.
  • At an early stage of the process candidates are heavily screened. Our high internal rejection rate means that you will only be presented with the better candidates.
  • Our knowledge of your industry ensures candidates are assessed from your perspective. We focus on achievement driven candidates and ensure they present themselves through their CV in this light to assist your easy assessment of their capabilities. 
  • Placing a candidate in front of a client is a major deal to us; we are determined that the experience should be beneficial for both parties and prepare all our candidates, face to face, to an executive interview standard.

Targeting Talent in Food Manufacturing

Helping You Realise Your Potential

Forming Working Partnerships