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What is Interim Management?

What is Interim Management?

Interim Management is the provision of expertise and specialism to a business on a short- to medium-term contract basis to focus on specific needs. Used by businesses in a range of situations from filling gaps in management structure to specialist projects to trouble shooting.


The advantages of interim management are numerous, not least the immediacy of providing a solution; with no long drawn out recruitment procedure filling an interim vacancy can on occasions literally be achieved overnight. Interim managers’ over-qualification for the roles they undertake means clients benefit from the skills of an experienced executive who will attack the issues immediately and is highly likely to have encountered similar issues in their career.

AIM Interims are handpicked for their overall ability and wealth of food and drink manufacturing experience. They possess the essential qualities of good interim managers which ensures that they not only identify the issues and determine how to resolve them but then they roll up their sleeves and deliver the results, encouraging and mentoring the team in the process so by the end of an assignment the business has benefitted for the long term.

Is it for you?

Interim Management is a positive career choice not to be undertaken lightly … whilst offering flexibility, variety and excellent financial rewards it also presents an element of uncertainty and risk.

Key requirements of a successful interim manager:


A main functional discipline must be clear and expertise in chosen field apparent from experience, successes and track record of progressive achievement. Recognised as a high achiever when measured against peers.


Must be task and goal orientated. Measurable results in short time frames are what clients are looking for when engaging an interim manager. Interims trade on reputation; every assignment requires exceptional performance.


A real, quantifiable track record of influencing and managing change with a progressive career history that demonstrates personal credibility within the food manufacturing industry. Capable of adding real value from day 1 when matched to a suitable interim assignment.


The ability to assess and analyse a totally new environment determining how to address and resolve issues quickly and with the support and involvement of the new team in order to deliver objectives on time and within budget.


Despite each assignment being fairly short-term interim management is a long haul. Drive is required to push through the expected objectives of each assignment and as they draw to a close to secure the next.


Willing to work wherever the next assignment takes you.Capable of adapting between company cultures, working environments and management styles and structures as each new assignment presents the next challenge.


Both financially, to manage any extended periods between assignments and career-wise, to accept that most assignments undertaken would in the context of a corporate career path represent a backwards step.

Excellent communication skills

Strong, well developed interpersonal and communication skills at all levels are essential for building rapport, fitting into, being accepted by and securing the cooperation of new, unfamiliar management teams and work forces. You must interview well, selling yourself quickly, confidently and effectively due to the more focused, fast turnaround selection process for interim positions.


Interim Management is a positive career and lifestyle choice; the best interim managers are prepared to make that commitment rather than merely filling time between permanent roles.

The Practicalities

Interim Managers will be expected to work through a limited company and have adequate professional indemnity insurance from £250k upwards to protect against professional negligence claims.

It is also recommended that interim managers opt-out of the Employment Agencies and Employment Business Regulations 2003 (EAA Regulations) as, for executives working at this level, they blur the lines between permanent and interim appointments. Doing so arguably reinforces their protection against IR35.



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