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The Interim Selection Process

The Interim Selection Process

CVs of all applicants are carefully considered. In order to maintain our reputation as providers of strong, high calibre interim managers we only accept the best interims.


We expect a strong interim management CV clearly demonstrating that you are capable of real achievement which adds value to business in a short time frame.

A good interim CV should:

  • focus on what you are famous for – jack of all trades will not cut it in a tough interim market place.
  • open with a well written profile showcasing your character, skills and capabilities.
  • for each assignment include brief details of the company (products, size and turnover), the role, the responsibilities and a bulleted list of quantified key achievements.
  • be tailored as necessary to highlight skills/achievements of particular relevance to each assignment.

The next stage involves interviewing; ideally face-to-face. References will be sought in respect of successful applicants who will be added to our database and contacted when a suitable opportunity arises.

Inevitably not all applicants are suitable. We make no apologies – we only represent the best.

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