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A genuine recruiter opportunity – this is not Tinder, but if it was…

A genuine recruiter opportunity – this is not Tinder, but if it was…

A genuine recruiter opportunity – this is not Tinder, but if it was…

What’s the most important aspect of a recruitment opportunity for you? If it only comes down to basic salary and company cars, swipe left! If it’s about being able to stick your fingers up at your colleagues because you billed £2k more than them this month, swipe left! If you need a staff canteen, an oak desk and unlimited access to 42 job boards, swipe left again!

If however you believe that recruitment is about building relationships, relationships that are mutually beneficial, relationships that span clients, candidates and colleagues, relationships that produce trust, transparency, commitment and ultimately exclusivity – swipe right!

If working in a team to ensure that the client’s requirements are met is important, if talking to a candidate at 7pm while you are tucking into steak and chips to ensure you get hold of them before their interview tomorrow is important to you, if meeting candidates on a face to face basis before you tell your client how good they are is important to you – swipe right!

The best relationships come from being in a specialist market where you can add value to both the client company and/or the candidate. You become a ‘go to’ person where ‘consultant’ actually means ‘consulting’ with everyone in your chosen industry. When you have those relationships, clients become candidates, candidates become clients and requirements are more often than not called in, thanks to your reputation and the reputation of the business you work for.

AIM are specialists in the Food Manufacturing sector and have been for well over a decade, working with high level opportunities on an Interim and Permanent basis. We only work in this sector, our divisions relate to job titles not different industries. This is driven by our owner who spent 20 years at a high level in Food Manufacturing. We all work for each other, because we’re grown-ups and we care about our colleagues, candidates and clients.

What does this mean for you?

If you can’t work it out for yourself then you’re probably not a match for us. However, if your mind is now ticking and realising what you could potentially achieve here, give us a call and come and have a chat.

Oh, we also have a lovely office in one of the best areas of Nottingham, a database that has been built with 12 years of just food manufacturing contacts and you will get a desk (although it’s not oak and there’s no canteen!).

For more information or if you’d like to chat more about this opportunity call me, Tony, on 0115 923 4651 or 07809 433882 (if you prefer out of hours) or Email